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  • short circuit study

    Short Circuit Study

    Comply with NEC Requirements

    A Short Circuit Analysis, required by NEC, is used for the safety of the equipment and personnel by establishing appropriate interrupting ratings of protective devices (circuit breaker and fuses) and marking maximum available short circuit on electrical equipment.

  • coordination study

    Coordination Study

    Increasing Reliability especially for life-safety equipment

    Power blackouts frequently occur in industrial facilities. The reason could be a fault in the utility side or a fault on the load ends of the feeders. How can we confirm that a circuit breaker is capable of interrupting electrical faults in the system without hindering reliability? The answer lies with a coordination study.

  • arc flash study

    Arc Flash Study

    Increasing Safety per NFPA 70E requirements

    The need for continuous power is expected from a utility company and demanded by the customers. There is a need to perform electrical and maintenance work on exposed live parts of electrical equipment. It is for this reason that an arc flash study is critical for the protection of all working personnel within the facility.

  • Load Flow Study

    Load Flow Study

    Increasing Equipment Reliability and Improving Facility Planning

    A load flow study can be used to demonstrate the performance of the system under normal and emergency conditions. It is a steady state analysis of the electrical network which identifies key areas for improvement in loading conditions, thus ensuring safe operation of the power system.

  • Transient Stability Study

    Transient Stability Study

    Increasing Reliability under special conditions

    A Transient Stability Study seeks to improve the reliability of the system under study by minimizing the damaging effects of frequently occurring transients in a power system with the aid of industry standard mitigation methods.

  • Snubber Circuit Study

    Snubber Circuit Study

    Increasing Reliability especially for life-safety equipment

    A Snubber Circuit Study seeks to improve the reliability of the system by minimizing the damaging effects of switching transients. Switching transients are caused by operating an isolation device (breaker) under load or fault conditions. A Snubber circuit study is a proven method for mitigating switching transients and maintain high reliability.

  • motor starting study

    Motor Starting Study

    Increasing Reliability under special conditions

    A motor starting study is used to identify the root cause of voltage dips and deploy mitigation techniques to combat the excessive voltage drops, voltage flickering along with providing effective control of the heavy starting currents.

  • Ground Grid Study

    Ground Grid Study

    Increasing Reliability especially for life-safety equipment

    The main goal of a grounding grid/mat study is to analyze the step and touch potentials and prevent the occurrence of shock related incidents.

  • Power Quality Study

    Power Quality Study

    Increasing Reliability under special conditions

    A Power Quality Study seeks to evaluate the harmonic footprint of the area under study and accordingly recommend corrective measures to minimize harmonic distortions and ensure power saving and standard compliance.


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