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Look around you.

You will find that nearly everything we use today is powered by electricity.

As electricity has become ubiquitous in every factory and office, awareness of the necessary safety standards becomes indispensable for every worker and employee.

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A fuse is essentially a metal wire or strip that heats up and melts when too much current flows through it, thereby opening the circuit and interrupting the current flow.

In order to select the right fuse for a given system, it is imperative that the various fuse parameters are thoroughly understood. Hence, this guide will first define each contributing factor and then explain how it is used by engineers and circuit designers to choose the best device for circuit protection.

The factors to be considered when selecting a fuse are as follows:

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In order to dig deep into the easy way to calculate the short circuit current calculations, we must first develop our knowledge base on the basics of short circuit analysis. Add a comment

Electrical power systems analysis is a very broad subject that covers various elements in electrical engineering. In order to analyze the operation of power systems for any fault current and Arc Flash incident, we do need a proper Power systems study which involves the following: Add a comment