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Have you ever wondered about the importance of equipment maintenance plan and why is it necessary in Electrical power systems?
Today, we will talk in detail about the planned maintenance of electrical equipment and its importance. A maintenance plan covers a facility’s routine maintenance, as well as the long term care of certain equipment or power systems inside of a facility.
In order to know about the details, you must first know about the definition of “Equipment Maintenance plan”.

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The practice of removing energized switchboard and panelboard covers when performing annual/quarterly/monthly maintenance has become a common place. De-energization cannot be stressed enough before all types of maintenance work on electrical equipment can be initiated. This is rarely due to the fact that the personnel are inexperienced or non-qualified for the job, but instead it’s usually because of following the traditional method without question.

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Previously, we have written a detailed blog on the major changes in the newly approved IEEE 1584-2018 standard. If you haven’t checked it out, please click here!

Now, in this blog we will explain the arc flash calculations which are used in the official standard of IEEE 1584-2018 in a very simple and intuitive manner.

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Are you concerned about the arc flash safety of your facility?

Do you want to know how to carry out a competent arc flash study?

This is your guide to a detailed arc flash analysis! Have a look at the infographic to have a quick review of the seven steps. Read the blog to find out the systematic way in which a proper arc flash study is performed.

It is important to have a clear understanding about the process of arc flash analysis before beginning the actual work. The following steps are employed to perform an arc flash analysis of a facility. After understanding these seven steps, you can have a clear concept on the process of a detailed arc flash study.

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