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Are you having confusions regarding Arc Flash Study? Don’t know how and when to carry it out? Or you just need a brief answer to all your queries?

We have seen many people who are confused regarding arc flash study and they have many questions to ask but not able to find it collectively. Considering that, we have compiled this blog and present all the important questions in it.

Go ahead and read this blog to know about this important power systems study.

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We have already discussed the importance of an arc flash study for low voltage equipment. You can read more about that blog by clicking here.

Though one might wonder, how big of an arc flash hazard is present in the case of medium voltage switchgear?

The answer: A LOT!

Before delving into the details of how to prevent arc flash for MV switchgear, we will first take a look at the characteristics of an arc flash in MV switchgear.

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One of the most important parts of any facility is the electrical distribution system.

Nothing will stop all activity, halt production, cause inconvenience and possibly panic, more than a major power failure.

Selective coordination is critical for the reliability of the electrical distribution system.

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Extension cords enable us to deliver power where needed. However, an extension cord is just a temporary solution, and should not be used as a long-term extension of your household’s electrical system.

Extension cords are designed to carry a certain level of current over a fixed distance which is the length of the cord. Once you have two identical extension leads connected in series, one after the other, the extension cord’s resistance effectively increases. This results in greater heating of the cord and possible damage to the insulation, which can be the source of fires and electrical shock.

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